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Affordable Interior Remodeling

Remodeling the inside of your home can mean enjoying it a lot more, all without having to move! You could change the size of your living room, knock out the wall in your kitchen so you have more space or even change the layout in your bedroom. The possibilities with interior remodeling are endless, but things can get pretty complicated if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you hire a licensed local contractor to do this work for you, then you won’t have to worry about all the complexities on your own. These professionals know how to do all
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Customers Love Turquoise Home Design

“I had Turquoise doing my kitchen and the outside deck. These guys worked so hard and did an amazing job. They do not cut any corners to get the job done properly. I used their material from their selection, and my kitchen looks like a million dollar kitchen. I am now in the process of redoing my bathrooms and basement with them. There is nothing to me that is more important than TRUST, HONESTY and QUALITY, and they have it all. Reasonable price, great work and friendly to work with. What else do you need? I would indicate them to
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Reasons to Hire a Professional for Floor Tile Installation

At Turquoise Home Design we know there are a lot of home projects our clients can do on their own. However, there are many more that they should leave to the professionals. One project in particular is installing floor tile, as this can be quite an unexpected challenge. If this is something you need done, below are reasons why hiring someone is highly recommended. 1. Knowledge of Installation Installing floor tile might look easy, until you see all of the work that’s involved. From ripping out the old floor to measuring and cutting the tile, there’s a lot involved. Unfortunately
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